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Connecticut Estate Planning Attorneys

Danbury Probate Lawyers Handling All Matters Involving Wills, Trusts and Probate

Our estate planning and probate attorneys assist clients with planning for their assets, their families and their futures. We handle matters from the most simple to the most complex, using our knowledge of tax and probate to develop strategies that are precisely tailored to our clients' situations.

At Riefberg, Smart, Donohue & NeJame, P.C., we assist clients with all aspects of estates, including wills and trusts, the probate process and litigation involving wills, trusts and estate administration. Such matters can be delicate, involving family dynamics, recent deaths and hurt feelings. Our attorneys are sensitive to these issues when handling estates and probate matters. Clients can be assured that we have many years of experience navigating these sometimes-challenging waters.

Our Services

Our firm helps clients with a variety of probate and estate matters, including:

In addition to providing individual clients with services such as these, we also assist small business owners with business succession planning so they can prepare for the future of the company they worked hard to create and sustain.

Reasons for Estate Planning

Most young people do not think they need estate planning — if they think about it at all. Once they have families, however, they realize that they have a responsibility to their children and other family members. Clients often come to us when they are planning a long vacation out of the country, when they have seen the negative consequences of inadequate estate planning after a loved one's death, or when they have a change in their family circumstances such as a divorce, adoption or remarriage.

For more information about our law firm, contact Riefberg, Smart, Donohue & NeJame, P.C., to schedule a free initial consultation with our Connecticut estate planning lawyers.

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